Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Hachi Ko" the movie - a problem for the breed?

I nicked this article/mission off another site (which I now can't find). Having said that I so totally agree - with SOME of what she says. This movie is going to have people running out in DROVES to acquire a loyal and noble Akita, like the nice doggie in the movie. This will only serve to send even more Akita's into the already over flowing rescues and shelters nationwide. Please spread the word. AKITAS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!!.

The story of Hachi Ko, though amazing and totally understandable among Akita owners, will send the wrong message - everyone is going to want an Akita, every pet shop is going to be over flowing with sweet (puppy mill) Akita puppies. And what's going to happen when those sweet lovely puppies grow up and don't magically turn into Hachi Ko of movie fame - right they'll be dumped, abandoned and likely killed.

The article below has some very good ideas, although I do not agree that this is a forum to promote the breed, however it is a place to start to make people understand that dogs are not just born loyal and obedient. The owner is key in how the dog turns out.

As a matter of fact I don't agree with much about this article, it worries me. On one hand I agree people need education, but truely if I go stand out front with my beautiful well trained Akitas, people will naturally think that ALL Akitas are like mine - or actually are born like mine. Now the fact is they can be - I have put substantial time and effort into these wonderful beings that I share my life with. They are a major committment in my life.

No, I don't think it is a time to promote Akitas to the impulse dog buying public. And worse - rescue Akitas to people who know nothing of the breed. What is she thinking? To rescue an Akita is a unique and wondeful thing, but it is not for just anyone. YOU MUST KNOW THE BREED to be happy with an Akita in your home! You can't just toss them out in the yard and expect them to train themselves. No, there is a commitment here that must be made, no matter what the breed.

Nope, I don't like it at all. This movie is going to cause SUCH problems for this magnificent breed. Sigh.

So read on but know that I am printing this because I disagree with a lot of what is said here although there is alot I do agree with as well - yes educate, but don't promote the breed. You're well trained Akita could spawn many untrained and homeless Akitas purely by being the fabulous pets that YOUR committment has helped them to be.

"Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to help educate our movie going public. Your deadline for the mission is December 18th. Your countdown begins now. While this current mission is targeting those who may be interested in a specific breed, it benefits anyone considering a dog. How? Because it helps to educate people about the need for breed research BEFORE getting a dog "just like the one they saw" in a movie. This in turn hopefully helps cut down on the amount of mismatched dogs to owners. Not every breed of dog is right for every home after all. What might be the best match for you may be a nightmare for your best friend and vice versa.

The steps for this mission are simple.

1) Go to this website and download and print a copy of the file "Is the Akita the right dog for you?"

2) Take the handout to your local Staples store and make a bajillion copies.

3) Take the bajillioon copies to your local movie theaters on December 17th and ask if they will share them with every ticket buyer to the movie "Hachi".

4) If you have a blog please consider passing this information on. All agents need to be activated for this one my friends.

The advanced agents, and you know who you are, may even stay to pass out the handouts personally or set up a booth at the theater (with permission of course) showing off their own well trained akita or shiba. (shibas are also featured in the movie as they used some of them in place of the akita as a puppy. Here is a link to "Is the Shiba for you" to add to the flip side of your handout: ) You can even go to your areas Akita rescue website and print off a list of Akitas needing homes to add to a poster.

A "dogs in movies" set up with other breed information for those who are extra creative to leave at the theater is also an idea. This isn't the first breed this has happened to, nor will it be the last. It is also a great opportunity to reach alot of people about positive training for trainers who want to participate with their own trained dogs. Have a pile of handouts on the akita/shiba and another on positive training. The ones we can't reach with the breed info will certainly need the training info later.

The mission is an important one. It may be met with resistance. A back up plan my be required. Consider recruiting your local pet supply stores. They may agree to passing out handouts if your theater won't participate or be willing to host a breed education table. Posters are also welcome in the fight. Ask the local theater for copies of the movie poster, take it for display to your local pet supply store, and add the akita handout. Or your local shelter would like to be involved. It never hurts to ask.

Check out the Hachi movie trailer here:

I want to thank all the DEAR members (dog education action responders) for their participation in this mission. (Psst - that's you dear reader) I look forward to all feedback. Got any other ideas to help us in this endeavor? Share them with me in the comments section.

(The photo is of the real Hachi Ko, the akita the movie is based on. Originally a Japanese story.) "

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Kat!
3 years old today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christams Has Gone to the Dogs

Okay they are not my dogs but this is still TOO funny!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep The Pressure On ***Updated

Let's all fight for justice for Jersey and the other dogs killed by handler Mary Wild. Ms. Wild's jury trial has been scheduled for June 3, 2010. Nearly a year to the date of her careless act.

Let's keep the pressure on and keep emailing and sending letters to the Jefferson County Prosecutor. Let him know we have NOT forgotten, and will NOT forget what happened in that van.

I will try to keep track of the goings on over the next 7 months, if there are any changes of key parties in the case I will post any new addresses that I can find.

**Original Post with articles and links to addresses.

**Names and addresses:

Forrest K. Wegge
Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street; hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5321; fax: 636-797-5065

Public Administrator
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street; hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5385; fax: 636-797-6043
email: Circuit Clerk
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street
hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5443; fax: 636-797-5073

Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer
Justice Center, 400 Main Street
hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5000; fax: 636-797-6451
SOURCE: mail.htm

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to Brag!

Mystik Own'n The Katwalk - Certified Therapy Dog

Yup, she did it! My sweet little girl passed her certification as a Therapy Dog. I think she was a shoe in - I mean the Evaulator and her assistant kept calling her Cuddle Bug...need I say more!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like Father Like Son

This is Jazz's Dad, CH. Kuroi Kao No Doubt (Noble) at the Nationals the last week of October - gee doesn't Jazz look like his Dad?!?!?!



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murderer Handler Mary Wild Update

Well Jersey fails to get her day in court again, a lot of nothing has gone on with Mary Wild's case. Long and short she has had 2 continuances and is now scheduled for a criminal setting for November 24 - ya that's right, 2 days before Thanksgiving. IF it goes to trial that day do you think the jury is gonna spend a lot of time thinking about the case? My guess - and so far I have been right - is that they will try to continue at least once more until after the Holidays.

Wild has a very slick attorney, he is pushing the limit of the law to the best advantage for Wild and the worst for the dog community. Shame shame shame. I take some little solice in the knowledge that he is charging her HUGE fees that will, if the murder of the dogs has not already, leave a very deep and lasting impression on her.

The Dog Press is following the case as well. They have faith in Forrest Wegge, Jefferson County’s Prosecuting Attorney. I would like to believe that he will keep his resolve to see justice done.

Currently Jersey still stands as the number 8 Akita in the country - a tribute to what a wonderful example of the breed she really was.

Original Post

Monday, November 2, 2009


I can't believe that I didn't post these pictures yet!!!

You know that feeling that you get when things are TOO quiet? You kind get this feeling that someone somewhere is up to no good. Well, that was the case in September when I went out to call the dogs - who hadn't been come to the door for their usual midmorning cookie...Hmm, no body came. I called again and when I went out side Jazz did a quick "fly by" at about 40 miles an hour - Well, that was all it took to figure out what the little beasites had been up to.

It was kind of like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown - the smell was just wafting off of him in an almost visable cloud! Seems they chased or corner a skunk under my shed - which by the way still stinks. Well, they both caught it smack in the kisser! Jazz still has eau de Skunk coming out when he breaths - ya that went over well with the Judge at his last show.

Kat is not too pleased with her vinegar/peroxide/dish soap facial...


...umb, I got sumbthig ib my dose...

Heh - catch me if you can!

All clean - okay still a little stinky....

All clean and no stinky - I'm a girl you know, we smell better!

Ya, all clean and right back under the shed they go! Geez.

The aftermath!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jazz in the Ring

Just a quickie of Jazz and Handler Gail Maki in the ring at the Big E in Springfield, October 17. No wins, but nice behaviour and movement.

Yes, he was a little over stretched but this was Gail's first class with him.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hiding a Treat

So M & I are always arguing about what Jazz will eat and won't eat...M thinks he'll eat anything (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I am laughing so hard I may pee) and I am constantly saying "he won't eat that." Needless to say M usually tries it anyway and usually I end up scraping pizza crust or ham (ya, the dog doesn't like ham geesh)or some other weirdness out of the rug an hour later.

No fault to M though, I mean Jazz is a dog and dogs eat anything right?!?!?!?! Right?!?!?!?!

Take a look at the following video and you'll see why I end up scrapping stuff off the rug!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Goin' for a ride

Okay so, I get home from grocery shopping and unload the car - I guess I forgot to close the truck. When I came out later and asked the dogs if they wanted a ride well as you can see Jazz was not put off but the fact that the doors weren't open yet....

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Just Too Silly!

These two are just a riot, I've never seen two dogs that loved each other like they do!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild Waives Formal Arraignment

In searching public records for Jefferson County Court I have found that Mary Wild has waived formal arraignment, she is scheduled in a "criminal setting" for September 15 at 9AM. Keep the pressure on for no plea bargain. Below is the public record; out of self preservation, I have blocked her case number. Again, if you are concerned about this you can search public records and find it yourself.

Here are a few related videos I have come across. The first was early on before much of the real truth was known, but you tell did she open those van windows? They DON'T OPEN!!!


Barb Cole talks about the Arnold show dogs heat death

I know I am obsessing about this, I just can't help it. I AM OUTRAGED! That this happened makes me cry, it steals the breath from my lungs. I look at my own dogs and think "what if it was one of them?".

UKC CH Kuroi Kao All That Jazz

Hurray for Jazz! He is now offically a CHAMPION, but it has not gone to his head!

The last weekend in July, we packed up the truck and made the drive to Westfield for Jazz's first show in about 7 months. We've been working so hard to get him into fine fettle for this. Stuffing him up with food (as much as we can, him being a VERY picky eater) to get some bulk onto my skinny boy. Classes, classes, classes. Baths - blah, he was not pleased, the blower, which he has decided is okay. Toes trimmed and teeth brushed. Our boy fairly sparkled!!!

Kat has done her job of running and wrestling and lots of play to get Jazzy into shape. He's her little incredible hulk!

Now all we needed was for him to show his million dollar smile in the ring! Jazz would much prefer to wear an eye patch and be a junk yard dog, dirty and grimmy and oh to find some poop to roll in. Heaven!

We packed tents and fans and cooler and food and crates, what a traveling road show! How people do this every weekend I will never know! The ride was long and ended with Jazzy being a little sick,oh-oh. Kat thought it was quite a lark.

Tent raised, cooler cooled, crates assembled, and fan blasting, we were ready for the day. Of course during all this there were dogs, dogs everywhere. It didn't take long with the blazing heat and humidity, to realize it might not have been the best idea I have ever had to start him off at an outdoor, 4 show, 2 day affair. Thank gawd for box fans and ice!

We did alot of walking the grounds to get Jazz to relax, and he did a pretty good job settling down. The heat though, that nearly got the better of not only him but me. I was freakin' melting. My dress stuck to me like fly paper and my stockings - let me tell you men out there you got it easy. The stockings - required to keep people from being blinded by the solar glare white of my legs - were suffocating, like wrapping myself in cling wrap, but tighter. By the time our class rolled around it was nearly noon and I was completely soaked. Jazz, on the other hand, content in front of his fan with a giant open mouthed pant going, was ready.

I was lucky enough to have my handling trainer (who was a multiple group winner with her Dobe Omar) at the show, so I was MUCH more prepared this time around than our last time in the ring. And Jazz, he knew his stuff. He did the things he needed to do and gave the Judge his winning smile and win he did - Group 1 first thing! Not bad for a former skinny 19 month old who, 3 months ago had a butt so high, you could have used it for a ski jump!

It was not the most fun I have ever had, and I think Jazz might second that! He worked hard and was the text book Akita, which won him 3 group placements in 4 shows and one Group win.

Long hot sweaty story short Jazz earned ALL his points and finished the weekend a CHAMPION.

Next show will be in air conditioned comfort little guy I promise!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mine Mine Mine

Mine, no it's mine, no it's mine, no it's mine...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tragic Loss - Update 2

I have been out of touch with my friend and Kat's breeder Cindy of Mystik Akitas as her computer and email have been down for several weeks. So, I have only just learned of the tragic death of Jersey, the number 1 Akita bitch and number 4 Akita in the country, at the hands of Murderer Handler Mary Wild, who left Jersey and 7 other show dogs in a van over night in 100 plus degree heat to die a horrible death. Cindy bred this magnificent and gentle girl. My heart and prayers go to Cindy, Jersey's owners at Gekko Akitas, and to the 6 other owners who lost their beloved dogs to this killer. There can be no way to understand how or why this could happen. There can be no forgiveness for the selfishness and irresponsiblity that caused this horrific loss.

I firmly believe that owning an animal is just as heavy with responsibility as having a child, ya ya, you think I am nuts. Consider this; this being looks to you for EVERYTHING in it's life, from food and water, to love, health care, companionship, and even something as simple as procreation is at the whim of the owner. These beings cannot, by virtue of being our "pets", do for themselves. At least a child can communicate or run away from danger. Dogs sit in their kennels and wait for us to do as we will with them.

There are those who will say of this tragedy, "at least there is a lesson learned" or something equally as inane. There is no lesson here, there is NOTHING gained by this, nothing. What can we learn from the selfish and irresponsible act of someone who would put their own comfort above that of these great and gentle beings who trusted her. The person who left 8 magnificant animals to die in a closed van in the heat of the summer sun while she slumbered only a few steps away in her bed in air conditioned comfort.

The AKC has said that they will consider suspending Mary Wild's liscence pending results of the hearing and trial. Suspending - are you kidding me? And why wait, regardless of the outcome of this trial these animals died under her care - or lack there of. There is no accident here. She was steps away, STEPS away. They died in her driveway waiting for her to come rescue them, for her to care for just a moment about something other than herself. She should be banned for life from ANY animal event or even the right to own one.

Mary Wild faces 8 years in prison for the eight lives she snuffed out. It is not enough, but it is the law. Do you suppose that if convicted and imprisoned, her captors will forget to feed her, water her, cool the air which she will breath everyday? One can only hope.


Dog Handler Mary Wild Charged

AKC Statement

Mary Wild Kills 8 Dogs

STL article

The Southern Article

Dog Forum

** to those of you with RSS feed I'm sorry for the repeated posts I am just so over whelmed with anger that my typing has gone to heck as well as my spelling.

This article lists names, phone numbers, street and email addresses which you can contact to ask the prosecutor NOT to accept a plea bargain from Mary Wild.

***UPDATE 2:
Jeannie & Mary Wild's Webpage

Wild Wind Malamutes

Which one of her dogs do you suppose she killed?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Appetite Stimulant

So, I've been pretty worried about Jazz and his lack of appetite for quite some time now. He just didn't seem to like anything, canned food,raw food, people food, you name it we tried it. I've even gone so far as to buy a suppliment to get him to eat and put weight on - ya that worked real well. He snorted and flipped his dish over - that was the end of that!

I mean his health has been okay, he was just so SKINNY. I just would like him to be - well - poofier.

Well, the problem seems to have been solved with a little help from a family member...Take a look at this...

Yup, that's Miss Penny sharing dinner with the "Big Scary Akita".

One day when Jazz wouldn't eat his food I decided to give penny a piece and just took out and placed it next to his dish for her to eat...the rest is history। Now, when it's dinner time we call Jazz AND Penny and he just eats his food no problem - of course she gets a few pieces as payment!

It's really a strange dynamic, but it works. I wouldn't recommend this solution to people though...I mean normally cats and Akitas, big no-no. Not in this case for sure. Penny and Jazz seem to be pals.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bug Catcher - Not!

Ya, more stupid dog videos...

Jazz had his first experience with the dreaded deer fly. M makes a comment about Jazz not being Niki here. Well, Niki was a bug catcher extraordinaire! She could catch a bee right out of the air, chew it up and swollow with out getting stung. Sigh, we miss her still.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool Cat

Okay, there is NO one as cool as our cat Penny - 180+ pounds of fang box layin' around the deck and she just saunters through like she owns the joint...Um, well, actually she does!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Akita Play

Well, again it has been too long since I have posted about the kids. No excuse just lazy! It's been raining for like 40 days and 40 nights here - no really it has! Not exactly ideal weather for running outside to snap a few flicks of the pups.

The sun has finally come out though and I get to use my brandy new birthday present! M has gotten sick of hearing me say "oh you shoulda seen this" or "oh, you missed that" so, he bought me a neatest little video camera for my birthday (July 3 if anyone wants to send a belated gift, I will humbly accept...)Now, like everyone else on the planet we already have a video camera - but it's this kinda big klunky thing which doesn't fit in my pocket or hand bag like my new one. And it's not red - my new one is red and cute, really cute!

Of course I've filmed some really stupid stuff that no one in their right mind would be interested in watching - including me - I hope that wears off after a while cause people are starting to roll their eyes when I bring it out!

So, here's a first attempt with my new toy of Kat and Jazz at "play".

**This really is play - no animals were harmed in the making of this video - HONEST!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, it's been forever since I have posted about the kids. Well, lots has been going on and lots has not! Jazzy is on hiatus from the ring - cause - well - he looks CRAPPY!! Poor little guy has finaly blown his puppy coat and is looking a little bald! He looks a little like a bobble head doll right now so the ring will have to wait until things come back together. tempermentally he is really coming into his own. Quite the little gentleman now, still has his moments but all in all he's turning into a very nice boy.

Katsy is of course looking marvelous inspite of blowing her coat now - she's SUCH a super star! She's the little princess of obedience class - okay at 92 pounds the BIG princess of the class. She's still a lap dog at heart though - just have a look...