Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, it's been forever since I have posted about the kids. Well, lots has been going on and lots has not! Jazzy is on hiatus from the ring - cause - well - he looks CRAPPY!! Poor little guy has finaly blown his puppy coat and is looking a little bald! He looks a little like a bobble head doll right now so the ring will have to wait until things come back together. tempermentally he is really coming into his own. Quite the little gentleman now, still has his moments but all in all he's turning into a very nice boy.

Katsy is of course looking marvelous inspite of blowing her coat now - she's SUCH a super star! She's the little princess of obedience class - okay at 92 pounds the BIG princess of the class. She's still a lap dog at heart though - just have a look...

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