Friday, July 10, 2009

Akita Play

Well, again it has been too long since I have posted about the kids. No excuse just lazy! It's been raining for like 40 days and 40 nights here - no really it has! Not exactly ideal weather for running outside to snap a few flicks of the pups.

The sun has finally come out though and I get to use my brandy new birthday present! M has gotten sick of hearing me say "oh you shoulda seen this" or "oh, you missed that" so, he bought me a neatest little video camera for my birthday (July 3 if anyone wants to send a belated gift, I will humbly accept...)Now, like everyone else on the planet we already have a video camera - but it's this kinda big klunky thing which doesn't fit in my pocket or hand bag like my new one. And it's not red - my new one is red and cute, really cute!

Of course I've filmed some really stupid stuff that no one in their right mind would be interested in watching - including me - I hope that wears off after a while cause people are starting to roll their eyes when I bring it out!

So, here's a first attempt with my new toy of Kat and Jazz at "play".

**This really is play - no animals were harmed in the making of this video - HONEST!!!

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Lauren said...

Hey Di, I love this blog! Reading "all about you" I see we have even more in common than I thought! :) I love the video of your kids. They are too, too precious. Kudos to Mike for such a great gift! Hope to see you soon. :)