Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kat on her Throne

I've lost my chair!!! Yup Kat has claimed my chair as her own, she's very polite and waits until I get up or leave for work before taking over her throne!

This photo was actually taken at the end of a very trying day for us all. There was a death in our family and as is custom many people returned to our home after the arrangements. Kat spent the afternoon tucked nicely under the kitchen table with Monty, Dennis's dog, watching the whole affair. I wish I could have joined her.

Her sweet and gentle nature was a comfort and she visited a few people with no fear just sweet sweet concern. She is a true member of this family!

I was very proud of her behaviour. We had people there that had never actually met an Akita, but were a little fussed by their sheer size. Oso and Kat were absolutely perfect, and showed, yet again, that Akitas are a true treasure.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Birthday Girl

Well Kat has officially turned 1 year old and as you can see she is quite full of herself. All the fear issues have gone. She is proud confident, sweet and the queen of all that she beholds. We are very humbled by the fact that she allows us in her presence! She is still quite a nut bag and believes that snow as invented just for her!
Kat has passed puppy obedience, basic obedience and is scheduled for intermediate obedience and a tricks class. Yes I know tricks! Lets see if she will stoop to doing tricks, I think she might be a little too, shall we say - umm - snooty!
Our little charmer has won the hearts of everyone she meets!
Happy Birthday Katsie!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Handsome Boy

" My belly is cold!"

Back in July when Kat came to visit we discovered a potential time bomb hiding in our handsome boy's belly. A mass they said - God - I just could not believe that we were looking at a death sentence so soon after loosing our girl Niki. My first reaction was to jump right on the vet's recommendation to take him to the University for ultrasound and a diagnosis. But then I started thinking about all that Niki had gone through - a year of poking, prodding, pain and suffering trying to determine what was wrong and how to fix it. Well, she took all this with grace and in the end we could not fix it...

Do you see where I was going with this? I started this post a few days before the appointment for the ultrasound. Kind of trying to get my head around the possibility of...It was supposed to be a poignant missive about perhaps loosing our boy.

We take our trip to Tufts Foster Hospital for Small animals (like a second home for us) and have the ultra sound. (By the by, Kat came along and was very good - fearless and loved by all.)

Okay now for the mental sound effects - ya know that sound like a record being stopped in the middle of a song - okay imagine that. Scre-e-e-ech...
The mass is no mass - there was nothing, zip, zero, nada - bumpkiss.

I can tell you this it was worth every penny to find out that Oso is fine, generally very healthy and they LOVED him. He was quite the gentleman - even when they shaved his belly. He's not too pleased with the being naked, but he'll get over it - I think.

It amazes me when people are surprized at how gentle my akitas are - or any akita for that matter. I think a lot of people are still falling for the the old myths. An akita is as good as it's owner - nuff said!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kiss Me Kat

So our girl is pretty free with her affections - she seems to be in a kissy stage! She met our little pal Monty - M's son's dog. And, yes Monty is full grown - ain't he cute?!?!?

Anyway, they had quite a kiss fest - Oso thought it was rather disgusting, but he was happy to have a few moments of peace while Kat and Monty ran around like crazy things!

Kat even thinks Penny is worth kissing - they are quite good friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Krazy Kat

So, Kat found a rope toy - affectionately called Ropey - that used to belong to Niki out in the yard - I think she like's it!

"And she thinks I'm crazy!!"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Clean Fun

Well, Miss Kat has been with us for 6 weeks now and she is just a doll. She is quite the character now, although still a little fearful, - but hey it's only been 6 weeks right. She has no fear in the house and she is starting to enjoy the open spaces of our yard with out an escort.

Kat absolutely loves to watch TV (the louder the noise the better) - action adventure is her current fave - although she is still pretty partial to cop shows. Ya, I know, I'm teaching her bad habits - TV watchin' and all...Next she'll be eatin' bonbons and wearing fluffy pink slippers with a curler in her tail!

Her other passion is water - not too long ago she discovered that our water system drains onto the front lawn - well much splashing and mud ensued! Here are a few photos of her having a bit of fun!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


No, do not adjust your set.
This photo really is not up side down, I was! I had to take it through my legs (yup that would be my legs on either side of her head). See, Kat wanted the ball that you can't see which was between my feet, so she snuck up behind me to steal it. I was looking around for her, but she doesn't sneak very quietly and gave me the cutest Akita bow when I bent over and caught her!!!

Learning From The Master

So, like with any dog the perfect chew toy is all important and Kat is no different. She has been like a little sister to Oso lately, following him around copying everything he does - it's a riot! Well, in keeping with the big brother thing she has taken to enjoying the same fabulous, super duper, very special chew toy as Oso - are you ready - empty fruit-2-O bottles. Yup, that is really his all time favorite, has been since we moved back to the US.

It's a little game - pulling off the top, then the ring then the label, then chewing the thing beyond recognition. And the NOISE - now we have it in stereo! Well, our girl is learning from the master!

"I can get this lid, I can, I can, I can..."

"How did he do that so fast?!?!?"

"What the..?"

"That's it, he has lost his mind!"

"Okay this is embarrassing - I"ll pretend I don't notice."

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Dog Or A Goat?

She really does think she's a goat!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sundays Are Meant For This...


Sharing - Evening Play Time

The kids are learning to share...they are actually playing together with the ball with no fights. It's kind of funny to watch when they both run to the ball, bash heads and run off in different directions - neither one with a ball!!

Oso and Kat are not as close as Oso and Niki were, that may never happen - but we are only 9 days in...

Oso has the ball...

Kat gets the ball...

...and runs off with it!

Monday, July 23, 2007

5, 6, Pick Up Sticks

Okay I admit it – I have lost track of exactly what day it is or was when all of these photos were taken. All were taken from day 4 through day 6. It’s just been such a weird time for all of us…

Kat is just lovin’ life – all the new things to see and smells to smell. She’s having a little identity crisis I think – she just can’t decide if she is a fish or a mountain goat!!!

"I wish I was a fish"

"Okay, a dry fish."

"Climb every mountain"

Kat and Me.

Kat meets Miss Penny.

Day Three - Getting to Know You

Well day three has dawned and we have all survived! Kat is making her way into all our hearts - and hopefully we are making our way into hers!

Oso is still very tentative, he is interested in our girl, but as you can see below, he doesn't want to share his family! We are working on the introductions but without a proper coming ourt party things are going a bit slow. We'll get there!

"This is my place and THIS is my toy!"

"But I don't wonna look at her!"

"Hide me"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Two - A Very Good Day

Well, we made it to day two. You'll notice there are no photos of Oso - he seems to be firmly wearing his crabby pants and won't smile for the camera.
Day one was a wild ride and I thought that we might have made a mistake. I worried all night what to do - the poor girl was so scared and wouldn't leave her crate.
Well today dawned beautiful and my worries have all but disappeared. Kat came right to out meet us this morning all spritely and ready for her walk.
The walk was such a blast for her she was hopping in the tall grass and lovin' life! One little mishap though, um there's a creek on the the other side of the tall grass. Kat hopped right over the grass and plop right into the shallow water. Darned near dragged me in by the leash too! Do you think she was scared - nope - big splashes abounded and everyone got nice and wet when she hopped back out.
Kat has come into the house of her own accord, very curious and settled right beside M's chair for a nice snooze. She likes the house - loves the cat - um feeling is no longer mutual, miss Penny is quite put out by all this.
Oso is coming around no more grumbling, but he's still hoping that if he ignores her long enough she will go away.
Day 2 was a good day!
"I think I'll sleep here from now on..."

I think like this place!

"Can I come in?"
Kat's first venture into the house all by herself.

Day One - Our New Arrival

We have brought a lovely new Akita into our home. Her name is Kat and we love after only one day!

I can see you but you can't see me! Kat lead us a merry chase that first morning!

Kat was not too happy about sharing her crate.

"I don't know how to swim but I'ld like to learn." Exploring the pool for the first time.

Kat's first walk around the yard.. she was a little scared, but very brave!