Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rescue Needs Rescue

I have been doing a little fund raising for Akita Rescue lately, our latest endeavor was a raffle. We took it nation wide thanks to the the power of the internet. In just under 3 months we were able to raise enough money to cover all the boarding and vet fees for Midwest Akita Rescue Society for 3 months. They tell us that there were many dogs saved because of our raffle that might not have been.

Let me take a moment to say thank you to all the people on the team who sold tickets, sent emails and cheer lead to help get this done. An even bigger thank you to all the people who opened their hearts and their wallets to help save these wonderful dogs, many of whom were abandoned by their owners because they were old or sick or in the case of Nikko, blind. Life long pets who loved their people, abandoned because it was too hard or too expensive or just because...

Meet Nikko found wondering lost and alone. He walked right up to someone whom he did not know and could not see, and wagged his tail. THIS is what Akitas Rescue is about trust, and love. This dog would have ended his days in a shelter, alone, if not for the wonderful people in rescue. No one came to claim him, no one cared enough to put an ad in the paper or call the shelters looking for their lost, blind, he was dumped, left because he was getting old and blind and wasn't a fun puppy any more....Thanks to MARS, he will have a home and a warm bed and all the love he can stand.

Yup that was meant to pull on your heart strings and if it did not shame on you.

Well, about the drawing, I had a little help from the Akita Audit Committee - that would be Kat and Jazz - who cheer for all the orphans and send them love and woos.

Be sure to mix those names up good Mom!

Jazz checks to make sure that I am reading the name properly!

Kat supervises the drawing for the winner of the Electronics prizes,

Levity aside, dogs are coming into shelters and rescues at an alarming rate, more and more every day. We can't keep up, it takes money. It also takes volunteers, and foster homes, and boarding, and vets. So if you can find it in your heart or wallet to help out, even if only to go to a shelter and walk a homeless dog, then do it. Give a little, huh, will ya? The reward will be well worth it.

Foster a dog. Save a dog.


A Beautiful Tribute - Never Forget

This video was played one time only - on the Anniversary of 9/11. Never forget.

Thank you Budweiser.