Sunday, November 13, 2011

You should watch this and learn- BLOAT

This video was taken by someone that did not know what was happening to the dog they were fostering. They took the video so they could show their rescue what was happening and ask for help...they DID take him straight to vet. They dog was saved from this episode.

They were trying to find out what was wrong they were NOT trying to torture the dog. They did not know what they were seeing. What they were seeing was BLOAT.

Now they do....Now we all do thanks to the video...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Champion Jazz!

CH Kuroi Kao All That Jazz

Jazz has
finally done it - he has become a Champion on paper - he has always been a Champion to me! Paul did a wonderful job with - even if Jazz was a brat that last show!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saving Sasha

Sasha was dumped in a shelter in LA because her owners did not have time for her anymore...The shelter told us she was too old and sick and not worth saving....Well aa bunch of wonderful people decided different. So many people pulled together from coast to coast to save the beautiful girl who touch so many hearts.

Sasha is safe now in a wonderful home in Arizona. She's not sick, or sad anymore and she was well worth saving...

Thank you to everyone who decided to give her a chance!

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been WAY too long

Ya, I have been totally remiss in my blogging about MY dogs and so much has happend! Jazz has gotten his second major and at that point was 5 from he is only 2 away from finish.

I put him with a really great handler - okay one of the best Akita handlers in the country. (Special thanks to Keith and Nakodo for sharing. Here is Jazz and his Handler Paul Levesque - what a difference having a man handle has made! Jazz is happy to be in the ring looks amazing and is totally in love with Paul.

I think he will be very sad when he finishes and doesn't get to go to "Big Show" anymore....

More to come and the show photos when they arrive!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memphis Akita - UPDATE ADOPTED!

Remember the video of the shelter that killed the akita 39 seconds after he was surrendered? We all saw it...Well, this boy is in the same shelter - he will be killed as soon as stray hold it off...

#225703 - Akita, black/brown, male, 4 yr old. Stray in
05.01.11/Out 05.06.11. Can't release until then.

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please let Tracy know.

Here's his contact information:

Tracy Dunlap, Sr. ACT

Memphis Animal Services

3456 Tchulahoma Rd.

Memphis, TN 38118

(901) 362-5310 (at

Thank you.

Jan Courtney


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Akita on Craig's List, NH

This dog was on Craig's list - the post was flagged for removal because they asked for money - you can't SELL animals on Craig's list:

Akita (Southern NH)

Date: 2011-04-30, 11:57AM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Joe is 4 year old male Akita and he must find a new home quickly. He is leash trained, house broken and has a typical Akita personality. He is on the small side for the breed he only weighs 70 lbs. I would prefer someone who is familiar with the breed, ideally a previous akita owner. A $200 re-homing fee will apply, but is negotiable if you can demonstrate you can provide the right home for him. I will deliver him to you.

Sprinfield April 2011

This was a cluster of shows in Springfield on Easter Weekend. Jazz looked great but this will likely be his last shows for a while and maybe forever. See, Jazz does not like the ring, he hates as a matter of fact.

Some of my breeder friends think that he should just do it because I want him to, but, he's an Akita, he doesn't do things JUST BECAUSE I want him to. He's not Kat, who will do anything because I ask it of her.

So, I have made the decision that he doesn't need to be a show dog...he just needs to be a dog, my dog. I don't love him any less for not wanting to show, why would I?

It's a pretty big bummer that I have spent soooo much time and money to make him into a show dog and me into a handler. It was not all for nothing...He has 7 points, only needs 8 more to finish. But, it does not seem that it is meant to be. That said I was proud of how he showed, he looked great and moved beautifully, stayed right with me.

Anyway, here he is at the Easter Shows:

This was Friday, day one. Day one is always tough, he was a little grumpy but did what was asked. That is my friend Linda with Teagan, he won Winner's Dog. Teagan is a beautiful puppy and will make his championship very quickly.

Jazz on Saturday - much perkier and did a very nice job. I am finally getting the hang of this handling thing...He was beaten for Winner's Dog by Marine who is a very nice BIG young dog.

Love this shot - I am finally smiling...and Jazz looks so good here!

Jazz, Nancy and Kodi, Ed and Marine in the Winner's Class -

Winner's Class from a different angle - Marine took winner's dog. Kodi took reserve.

Jazz relaxing before class on Easter - I had already decided he was done showing by now, so we were just there to fill the major and have fun...

This is Sunday - Open Dog Class, Jazz won. Figures.

Winner's Class,. Jazz, Nancy and Kodi, Ed and Marine, Linda and Teagan. Teagan won Winner's Dog that day for his first major.

So for now he will just be a dog, I'll take him to classes and try some Rally runs with him. He likes to be doing something, perhaps Rally is his was for Kat.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hilda only has until April 13 - Please


****Just want to clarify the shelter in trying very very hard to save her - she has been there a long time and they have even gotten together $100 for transport for her. It is a Herculean effort so please let's help them help Hilda.

Williamson County Animal Shelter Franklin TN
Hilda Must Find A Home
It is rare that we make such a desperate plea for someone to adopt one of our dogs. However, this is an emergency. Hilda, an akita, has been a resident at our shelter for several months and unfortunately, her time is running out. She is ~3 years old and came to us as a stray. Hilda is a very special and uniqu...e dog that requires her to have a special and unique owner. When Hilda arrived, she showed little to no interest in humans. This probably stemmed from the fact that she had limited human interaction in her short little life. Most dogs at the shelter show negative behavior after sitting so long in a kennel. Hilda, on the other hand, has blossomed. She is completely crate trained, calm and very, very affectionate. All of the volunteers have fallen in love with her and it is so gratifying watching her become this very, special dog that has so much to offer. However, there are reasons Hilda has been with us for so long. You see, not only is Hilda heart-worm positive, she must also be an only dog. We do not know how advanced the disease is, however, she needs to be treated and she can only be treated once she is legally adopted. There is NO cost to the owner for the treatment and it is done at our shelter. After the treatment, she will be completely healthy. Without the treatment, she is terminal. She also has ‘issues’ with other dogs. She MUST be an only dog and can’t interact with other dogs. Her owner needs to be someone who understands that heart worm is not a death sentence if treated. Her owner also needs to understand her breed and be totally on board keeping her as an only dog. And lastly, her owner needs to be someone that wants a loyal, calm and loving companion who is potty-trained, low maintenance, a non-barker and a non-chewer. Hilda needs her special and unique owner to have a lifestyle that is relaxed and doesn’t want a dog to entertain them, but rather have a trusted companion to sit with in the evenings and enjoy a sunny afternoon in the yard. PLEASE CROSSPOST AND SHARE. The potential new owner will need to come to the shelter and fill out an application

Shelter Info:


From Bill at Heart of Dixie Akita Rescue:
I received an update about Hilda, the dog in Franklin, TN., from my contact there. The director is giving her until April 13th, then her time is up and she will be put down. If a foster or adopter can be found before that, her pull fees will be paid, and they will contribute $100 toward transport costs. She is a big favorite of the volunteers and staff, and everyone at the shelter really wants to see this girl get a chance. They have already kept her far longer than they really should. She is a really sweet pup, and if anyone has something they can do, please let me know ASAP. Or, communicate directly with the shelter manager

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sachi - a happy ending!

These are photos of Sachi, she and her pal Bear (he's at the bottom)were rescued from a horrible situation in CT. Although they came in together it was not possible to rehome them together. Bear is happily living in Philly and Sachi is living in Mass. with a loving family that is willing to give her all the time she needs to adjust to living without Bear and find her way in her new surroundings!

These are the kind of people that everyone in rescue prays for!

Sachi leaping for joy at camp in NH.

Sachi looking for buried treasure at the NH beach! Surf was up so all she found was surfers!

Sachi exploring the mighty Merrimac River in MA!

And here is Bear in case you haven't seen him.

Saturday, February 26, 2011