Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Just Too Silly!

These two are just a riot, I've never seen two dogs that loved each other like they do!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild Waives Formal Arraignment

In searching public records for Jefferson County Court I have found that Mary Wild has waived formal arraignment, she is scheduled in a "criminal setting" for September 15 at 9AM. Keep the pressure on for no plea bargain. Below is the public record; out of self preservation, I have blocked her case number. Again, if you are concerned about this you can search public records and find it yourself.

Here are a few related videos I have come across. The first was early on before much of the real truth was known, but you tell did she open those van windows? They DON'T OPEN!!!


Barb Cole talks about the Arnold show dogs heat death

I know I am obsessing about this, I just can't help it. I AM OUTRAGED! That this happened makes me cry, it steals the breath from my lungs. I look at my own dogs and think "what if it was one of them?".

UKC CH Kuroi Kao All That Jazz

Hurray for Jazz! He is now offically a CHAMPION, but it has not gone to his head!

The last weekend in July, we packed up the truck and made the drive to Westfield for Jazz's first show in about 7 months. We've been working so hard to get him into fine fettle for this. Stuffing him up with food (as much as we can, him being a VERY picky eater) to get some bulk onto my skinny boy. Classes, classes, classes. Baths - blah, he was not pleased, the blower, which he has decided is okay. Toes trimmed and teeth brushed. Our boy fairly sparkled!!!

Kat has done her job of running and wrestling and lots of play to get Jazzy into shape. He's her little incredible hulk!

Now all we needed was for him to show his million dollar smile in the ring! Jazz would much prefer to wear an eye patch and be a junk yard dog, dirty and grimmy and oh to find some poop to roll in. Heaven!

We packed tents and fans and cooler and food and crates, what a traveling road show! How people do this every weekend I will never know! The ride was long and ended with Jazzy being a little sick,oh-oh. Kat thought it was quite a lark.

Tent raised, cooler cooled, crates assembled, and fan blasting, we were ready for the day. Of course during all this there were dogs, dogs everywhere. It didn't take long with the blazing heat and humidity, to realize it might not have been the best idea I have ever had to start him off at an outdoor, 4 show, 2 day affair. Thank gawd for box fans and ice!

We did alot of walking the grounds to get Jazz to relax, and he did a pretty good job settling down. The heat though, that nearly got the better of not only him but me. I was freakin' melting. My dress stuck to me like fly paper and my stockings - let me tell you men out there you got it easy. The stockings - required to keep people from being blinded by the solar glare white of my legs - were suffocating, like wrapping myself in cling wrap, but tighter. By the time our class rolled around it was nearly noon and I was completely soaked. Jazz, on the other hand, content in front of his fan with a giant open mouthed pant going, was ready.

I was lucky enough to have my handling trainer (who was a multiple group winner with her Dobe Omar) at the show, so I was MUCH more prepared this time around than our last time in the ring. And Jazz, he knew his stuff. He did the things he needed to do and gave the Judge his winning smile and win he did - Group 1 first thing! Not bad for a former skinny 19 month old who, 3 months ago had a butt so high, you could have used it for a ski jump!

It was not the most fun I have ever had, and I think Jazz might second that! He worked hard and was the text book Akita, which won him 3 group placements in 4 shows and one Group win.

Long hot sweaty story short Jazz earned ALL his points and finished the weekend a CHAMPION.

Next show will be in air conditioned comfort little guy I promise!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mine Mine Mine

Mine, no it's mine, no it's mine, no it's mine...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tragic Loss - Update 2

I have been out of touch with my friend and Kat's breeder Cindy of Mystik Akitas as her computer and email have been down for several weeks. So, I have only just learned of the tragic death of Jersey, the number 1 Akita bitch and number 4 Akita in the country, at the hands of Murderer Handler Mary Wild, who left Jersey and 7 other show dogs in a van over night in 100 plus degree heat to die a horrible death. Cindy bred this magnificent and gentle girl. My heart and prayers go to Cindy, Jersey's owners at Gekko Akitas, and to the 6 other owners who lost their beloved dogs to this killer. There can be no way to understand how or why this could happen. There can be no forgiveness for the selfishness and irresponsiblity that caused this horrific loss.

I firmly believe that owning an animal is just as heavy with responsibility as having a child, ya ya, you think I am nuts. Consider this; this being looks to you for EVERYTHING in it's life, from food and water, to love, health care, companionship, and even something as simple as procreation is at the whim of the owner. These beings cannot, by virtue of being our "pets", do for themselves. At least a child can communicate or run away from danger. Dogs sit in their kennels and wait for us to do as we will with them.

There are those who will say of this tragedy, "at least there is a lesson learned" or something equally as inane. There is no lesson here, there is NOTHING gained by this, nothing. What can we learn from the selfish and irresponsible act of someone who would put their own comfort above that of these great and gentle beings who trusted her. The person who left 8 magnificant animals to die in a closed van in the heat of the summer sun while she slumbered only a few steps away in her bed in air conditioned comfort.

The AKC has said that they will consider suspending Mary Wild's liscence pending results of the hearing and trial. Suspending - are you kidding me? And why wait, regardless of the outcome of this trial these animals died under her care - or lack there of. There is no accident here. She was steps away, STEPS away. They died in her driveway waiting for her to come rescue them, for her to care for just a moment about something other than herself. She should be banned for life from ANY animal event or even the right to own one.

Mary Wild faces 8 years in prison for the eight lives she snuffed out. It is not enough, but it is the law. Do you suppose that if convicted and imprisoned, her captors will forget to feed her, water her, cool the air which she will breath everyday? One can only hope.


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** to those of you with RSS feed I'm sorry for the repeated posts I am just so over whelmed with anger that my typing has gone to heck as well as my spelling.

This article lists names, phone numbers, street and email addresses which you can contact to ask the prosecutor NOT to accept a plea bargain from Mary Wild.

***UPDATE 2:
Jeannie & Mary Wild's Webpage

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Which one of her dogs do you suppose she killed?