Friday, July 27, 2007

A Dog Or A Goat?

She really does think she's a goat!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sundays Are Meant For This...


Sharing - Evening Play Time

The kids are learning to share...they are actually playing together with the ball with no fights. It's kind of funny to watch when they both run to the ball, bash heads and run off in different directions - neither one with a ball!!

Oso and Kat are not as close as Oso and Niki were, that may never happen - but we are only 9 days in...

Oso has the ball...

Kat gets the ball...

...and runs off with it!

Monday, July 23, 2007

5, 6, Pick Up Sticks

Okay I admit it – I have lost track of exactly what day it is or was when all of these photos were taken. All were taken from day 4 through day 6. It’s just been such a weird time for all of us…

Kat is just lovin’ life – all the new things to see and smells to smell. She’s having a little identity crisis I think – she just can’t decide if she is a fish or a mountain goat!!!

"I wish I was a fish"

"Okay, a dry fish."

"Climb every mountain"

Kat and Me.

Kat meets Miss Penny.

Day Three - Getting to Know You

Well day three has dawned and we have all survived! Kat is making her way into all our hearts - and hopefully we are making our way into hers!

Oso is still very tentative, he is interested in our girl, but as you can see below, he doesn't want to share his family! We are working on the introductions but without a proper coming ourt party things are going a bit slow. We'll get there!

"This is my place and THIS is my toy!"

"But I don't wonna look at her!"

"Hide me"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Two - A Very Good Day

Well, we made it to day two. You'll notice there are no photos of Oso - he seems to be firmly wearing his crabby pants and won't smile for the camera.
Day one was a wild ride and I thought that we might have made a mistake. I worried all night what to do - the poor girl was so scared and wouldn't leave her crate.
Well today dawned beautiful and my worries have all but disappeared. Kat came right to out meet us this morning all spritely and ready for her walk.
The walk was such a blast for her she was hopping in the tall grass and lovin' life! One little mishap though, um there's a creek on the the other side of the tall grass. Kat hopped right over the grass and plop right into the shallow water. Darned near dragged me in by the leash too! Do you think she was scared - nope - big splashes abounded and everyone got nice and wet when she hopped back out.
Kat has come into the house of her own accord, very curious and settled right beside M's chair for a nice snooze. She likes the house - loves the cat - um feeling is no longer mutual, miss Penny is quite put out by all this.
Oso is coming around no more grumbling, but he's still hoping that if he ignores her long enough she will go away.
Day 2 was a good day!
"I think I'll sleep here from now on..."

I think like this place!

"Can I come in?"
Kat's first venture into the house all by herself.

Day One - Our New Arrival

We have brought a lovely new Akita into our home. Her name is Kat and we love after only one day!

I can see you but you can't see me! Kat lead us a merry chase that first morning!

Kat was not too happy about sharing her crate.

"I don't know how to swim but I'ld like to learn." Exploring the pool for the first time.

Kat's first walk around the yard.. she was a little scared, but very brave!