Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Done

After almost 9 months, Row's fate has been decided. The owner defaulted on everything, didn't pay the fines, never complied with ANY of the orders that could have sent Row home...He never visited the dog in all this time...He dragged it out and dragged it out, and finally the judge signed the order today, Row is now the property of the county. It is done.

I know that Row was a time bomb, there is no doubt that he would have done something worse - that he was not a dog who should be in public. But, the way this was handled, the way this piece of human garbage dragged this out is simply disgusting.

I hope you find peace over the bridge Row.

I hope that Jeff Scott finds no peace - ever.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Row's Time Is Almost Up

Row Scott's owner failed to comply with the court requirements by the June 7 deadline. Row has been declared officially a dangerous dog. He has lost his right to appeal. We now have to wait for the official judgment and time frame set by judge for compliance again.

When I asked a Brevard county official if Row's time was up, they stated that "his days are certainly numbered - unless Scott comes up with a lot of money". We all know that that will never happen. Scott is flat broke and has legal issues beyond the issues he has created for Row.

I do not think that Scott ever really planned to comply with the court, and now Row has sat in the shelter since December 9, 2009, 7 months and 2 days - and for WHAT?!?!?! An innocent comment was made to me that really set me off... "for as long as he's been in there he's adjusted EXTREMELY well.. I'm glad for that much for Row..." Well, I should be glad at least that his time there was not horrible, but knowing how it will end, I can't help but feel frustrated.

There is no helping Row now, there really never was. As we have gone over before perhaps the best thing for him IS to pass over the bridge, but it should not have dragged so long, he should have at least gotten to see the sun one more time.

Friday, June 4, 2010



Although I am ecstatic to see that Wild has been found guilty, I worry about the sentencing. We can only hope that on July 21 Mary Wild will learn that there ARE consequences for her actions.

We may want to dance in the street because the right and just verdict was handed down let's take a moment to think of the great loss, and of the owners who will see these deaths in their dreams for ever.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jersey's Day in Court

Well, it has begun, Mary Wild will answer for the crimes she has committed.

The reporter in this story said that there will be no jury - the Missouri State Court website still says it is a jury trial, so maybe there was a change at the pretrial hearing. This may or may not be good with a jury there will be emotion involved, but there are people out there that will say "so, they're just dogs". With just a judge, he will interpret the law, and there will be no emotion, just the law.

Here is the channel 4 view before the trial started this morning:

Trial for Jefferson County woman charged in deaths of 7 dogs underway

I hope you are all watching.

Akita Fetch...


New Computer!!!

Okay, I now have a computer that can read my stick from my camera, so here are a bunch of random flix of the kids that been waiting to be uploaded.


Nothing like a nice cool stream!

Walkies in the woods.


What a face!

Nope, she's not spoiled, not at all.

So that's what the pool cover is REALLY for.

I can always tell when thunder is coming...I get a little friend under my desk.

The Queen and her court...Guess which one in the queen...