Friday, June 11, 2010

Row's Time Is Almost Up

Row Scott's owner failed to comply with the court requirements by the June 7 deadline. Row has been declared officially a dangerous dog. He has lost his right to appeal. We now have to wait for the official judgment and time frame set by judge for compliance again.

When I asked a Brevard county official if Row's time was up, they stated that "his days are certainly numbered - unless Scott comes up with a lot of money". We all know that that will never happen. Scott is flat broke and has legal issues beyond the issues he has created for Row.

I do not think that Scott ever really planned to comply with the court, and now Row has sat in the shelter since December 9, 2009, 7 months and 2 days - and for WHAT?!?!?! An innocent comment was made to me that really set me off... "for as long as he's been in there he's adjusted EXTREMELY well.. I'm glad for that much for Row..." Well, I should be glad at least that his time there was not horrible, but knowing how it will end, I can't help but feel frustrated.

There is no helping Row now, there really never was. As we have gone over before perhaps the best thing for him IS to pass over the bridge, but it should not have dragged so long, he should have at least gotten to see the sun one more time.

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