Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Hachi

We thought he had one down ear - nope it was matted to his neck...

This is Hachi right after grooming - bald as an egg except for his face.

Hachi 2 weeks after rescue - he is doing well and finally growing some hair.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's MY ottoman!

Ever since Jazz was a puppy the ottoman has been his "place" - they both have a "place"...Kat's "place" is right next to my chair - used to be behind the chair but she is too big to fit now!!!

Lately Miss Kat has decided that she might like to lay on the ottoman, and gentleman that Jazz is, he pretty much let's her - with a big sigh and a pathetic look he'll go off and lay someplace else...

Jazz is very particular about his ottoman - if there is something on it he will put his chin on the ottoman and stand there until someone figures out that there is something in his way and move it...well that doesn't work with Kat so he is trying a new tactic...get her to play and she'll leave...

Weeeelll, that doesn't seem to work either...even yelling at her didn't get her to move! (turn up the volume for typical akita noises!)