Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Handsome Boy

" My belly is cold!"

Back in July when Kat came to visit we discovered a potential time bomb hiding in our handsome boy's belly. A mass they said - God - I just could not believe that we were looking at a death sentence so soon after loosing our girl Niki. My first reaction was to jump right on the vet's recommendation to take him to the University for ultrasound and a diagnosis. But then I started thinking about all that Niki had gone through - a year of poking, prodding, pain and suffering trying to determine what was wrong and how to fix it. Well, she took all this with grace and in the end we could not fix it...

Do you see where I was going with this? I started this post a few days before the appointment for the ultrasound. Kind of trying to get my head around the possibility of...It was supposed to be a poignant missive about perhaps loosing our boy.

We take our trip to Tufts Foster Hospital for Small animals (like a second home for us) and have the ultra sound. (By the by, Kat came along and was very good - fearless and loved by all.)

Okay now for the mental sound effects - ya know that sound like a record being stopped in the middle of a song - okay imagine that. Scre-e-e-ech...
The mass is no mass - there was nothing, zip, zero, nada - bumpkiss.

I can tell you this it was worth every penny to find out that Oso is fine, generally very healthy and they LOVED him. He was quite the gentleman - even when they shaved his belly. He's not too pleased with the being naked, but he'll get over it - I think.

It amazes me when people are surprized at how gentle my akitas are - or any akita for that matter. I think a lot of people are still falling for the the old myths. An akita is as good as it's owner - nuff said!