Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I never thought it would happen but Jazzy did it...he got his first major AND it was a 4 point major!!!! SO now Jazz has 7 of the 15 points he needs to be a Champion and one of the two majors...Wow a year ago I thought that he would not get this look!!!!

That lovely lady is Kim Holmes - she handled jazz for me at our Club's Annual Specialty Show - what a show for him to shine...

The first day was an evening show and I'm afraid we kept Jazz up past his bed time. Boy was he a grouch!!! This being his first show in a year plus I thought - well, okay he just does not like it, we are done...Everyone told me I should give it another day, since I had paid for three days. Mike just plain wanted to pull him but I figured I would at least finish out the weekend...I felt so bad for Kim, he was SUCH a brat! Reserve winner's dog was the best he could do.

Day two - as usual - he was different dog! Much better behaved, sprightly, happy to be there and very flashy! Jazz took Winner's Dog over 2 other very nice dogs, and THEN - - BEST OF OPPOSITE! Holy cow he actually beat two of my favorite dogs on the planet. Mellow and Zac - both veterans , but still very fine dogs! I nearly fainted, and I cried like an idiot!!! Everyone was sooo happy for me! I was really humbled by all the hugs and congrats we got.

Day three was a bust but who cares - he had already gotten a MAJOR and was a very good boy that day too...He was actually having FUN...which was even better than the win...Okay almost better than the win...

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yes Katsy earned her Rally Novice Title Today - She has worked so hard and has been such a good girl she deserves a million titles!

Kat got her first "leg" (out of three required for a title) back in September, with a very respectable score of 86! We had entered her for three days just in case something went wrong...And it did ME!!! Yup the first day she would have had a 98 if I had not walked right past 2 signs - missed them completely which got her disqualified...I felt like such a heel (pun intended)! So we tried again the next day and wow she got a 96 and third place...Not bad for my little fear girl!

So that was 2 legs completed - the third and final day was sooo long and she was soooo tired - she just not used to being away from home all day and sitting on a cement floor. That said, she earned an 83! Hurray!!! She qualified and earned that third leg - HER TITLE!!!

Kat will now have an RN after name to go with her CGC and who would thunk it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please Help find these Dogs!

All the dogs have been found and returned to Kristina! Hurray for miracles!