Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yes Katsy earned her Rally Novice Title Today - She has worked so hard and has been such a good girl she deserves a million titles!

Kat got her first "leg" (out of three required for a title) back in September, with a very respectable score of 86! We had entered her for three days just in case something went wrong...And it did ME!!! Yup the first day she would have had a 98 if I had not walked right past 2 signs - missed them completely which got her disqualified...I felt like such a heel (pun intended)! So we tried again the next day and wow she got a 96 and third place...Not bad for my little fear girl!

So that was 2 legs completed - the third and final day was sooo long and she was soooo tired - she just not used to being away from home all day and sitting on a cement floor. That said, she earned an 83! Hurray!!! She qualified and earned that third leg - HER TITLE!!!

Kat will now have an RN after name to go with her CGC and who would thunk it!

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