Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keep The Pressure On ***Updated

Let's all fight for justice for Jersey and the other dogs killed by handler Mary Wild. Ms. Wild's jury trial has been scheduled for June 3, 2010. Nearly a year to the date of her careless act.

Let's keep the pressure on and keep emailing and sending letters to the Jefferson County Prosecutor. Let him know we have NOT forgotten, and will NOT forget what happened in that van.

I will try to keep track of the goings on over the next 7 months, if there are any changes of key parties in the case I will post any new addresses that I can find.

**Original Post with articles and links to addresses.

**Names and addresses:

Forrest K. Wegge
Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street; hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5321; fax: 636-797-5065
email: fwegge@jeffcomo.org
SOURCE: www.jeffcomo.org/Contactus.aspx

Public Administrator
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street; hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5385; fax: 636-797-6043
email: bking@jeffcomo.org Circuit Clerk
Jefferson County Courthouse
300 Main Street
hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5443; fax: 636-797-5073
email: howard.Wagner@courts.mo.gov

Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer
Justice Center, 400 Main Street
hillsboro, Mo 63050
ph: 636-797-5000; fax: 636-797-6451
email: GBoyer@jeffcomo.org
SOURCE: www.jcsd.org/e- mail.htm

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to Brag!

Mystik Own'n The Katwalk - Certified Therapy Dog

Yup, she did it! My sweet little girl passed her certification as a Therapy Dog. I think she was a shoe in - I mean the Evaulator and her assistant kept calling her Cuddle Bug...need I say more!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like Father Like Son

This is Jazz's Dad, CH. Kuroi Kao No Doubt (Noble) at the Nationals the last week of October - gee doesn't Jazz look like his Dad?!?!?!



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murderer Handler Mary Wild Update

Well Jersey fails to get her day in court again, a lot of nothing has gone on with Mary Wild's case. Long and short she has had 2 continuances and is now scheduled for a criminal setting for November 24 - ya that's right, 2 days before Thanksgiving. IF it goes to trial that day do you think the jury is gonna spend a lot of time thinking about the case? My guess - and so far I have been right - is that they will try to continue at least once more until after the Holidays.

Wild has a very slick attorney, he is pushing the limit of the law to the best advantage for Wild and the worst for the dog community. Shame shame shame. I take some little solice in the knowledge that he is charging her HUGE fees that will, if the murder of the dogs has not already, leave a very deep and lasting impression on her.

The Dog Press is following the case as well. They have faith in Forrest Wegge, Jefferson County’s Prosecuting Attorney. I would like to believe that he will keep his resolve to see justice done.

Currently Jersey still stands as the number 8 Akita in the country - a tribute to what a wonderful example of the breed she really was.

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Monday, November 2, 2009


I can't believe that I didn't post these pictures yet!!!

You know that feeling that you get when things are TOO quiet? You kind get this feeling that someone somewhere is up to no good. Well, that was the case in September when I went out to call the dogs - who hadn't been come to the door for their usual midmorning cookie...Hmm, no body came. I called again and when I went out side Jazz did a quick "fly by" at about 40 miles an hour - Well, that was all it took to figure out what the little beasites had been up to.

It was kind of like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown - the smell was just wafting off of him in an almost visable cloud! Seems they chased or corner a skunk under my shed - which by the way still stinks. Well, they both caught it smack in the kisser! Jazz still has eau de Skunk coming out when he breaths - ya that went over well with the Judge at his last show.

Kat is not too pleased with her vinegar/peroxide/dish soap facial...


...umb, I got sumbthig ib my dose...

Heh - catch me if you can!

All clean - okay still a little stinky....

All clean and no stinky - I'm a girl you know, we smell better!

Ya, all clean and right back under the shed they go! Geez.

The aftermath!