Thursday, July 29, 2010

Putting my money where my mouth is...

This, is Tally.

Tally being here is me putting my money where my mouth is..I have been doing some fund raising for Akita rescue for the last 4 months...So far we have raised over $10000 for 2 separate Akita Rescues. I am very proud of this accomplishment...But when the rescue people asked if I could help with Tally, 12 years old his owner dead and stuck in an animal shelter, well first I thought no, that would be too hard

I then told my self to put up or shut, I can't be going around asking people to help with rescue, not just with money, but fostering, if I am not going to do it myself right.

So, Tally came yesterday. He's quite a boy for 12 years old. Very spry, smart and oh so demanding. The rescue folks say that I did not get lucky with Tally, that usually the oldies just kind of hang around and sleep. Well, that does not describe this dog at all...This poor dog is so stressed he can't stand to have me out of his sight. But unlucky? Nah, he's a good boy, and just wants to be loved and feel secure. Who can fault him for that?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Please remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you...


One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Mary Wild Gets A "Time Out"

This was posted on an Akita Message Board by Jersey's owner:

They are finished she got 240 days in jail a suspended sentence so no jail time 2 years supervised probation and 80 hrs community service at the Jefferson county animal control and she has 30 days to submit an essay to the judge 750 words on how heat impacts dogs.

I could not breath - I was just stunned at such a travesty.

Jersey's owner is quite a woman, I bleed for her loss and I applaud her strength. Here is a missive that she wrote to the local joke of a news paper...

Dear Editor Post-Dispatch,

The lenient sentencing of Mary Wild by Associate Circuit Judge, Ray Dickhaner, is like that of a school child's punishment by her teacher -- complete with an essay to write! This "sentencing" of 2-year probation (detention), 8 hours of community service (that equals 10 hours per offense), and a 750 word essay, is an insult to all of us that are victims of Mary Wild's criminal neglect. I can just imagine Mary laughing on her way home from court yesterday morning, "I got away with it, Mom! HA!" Yes, Mary did get away with it. This pathetic excuse for justice in crimes against animals is why State of Missouri has earned its less-than stellar reputation across the rest of the country for fair treatment of animals. Keep it up, you are proceeding so well with it.

Hopefully the American Kennel Club will have more intestinal fortitude than Ray Dickhaner, and hand down an appropriate suspension. Then, despite Ray Dickhaner expressing that Mary Wild could go ahead and show dogs (as long as she had a note from her teacher), it simply will not be true. If the AKC does it's job, Mary Wild would not be able to handle dogs at AKC-sanctioned events, nor would she be able to breed AKC registered dogs for the duration of her suspension -- that trumps Ray Dickhaner.

My husband and I owned Jersey, the Akita that suffered and died as result of Mary Wild's criminal neglect. We are disgusted with this sentencing, as are the overwhelming majority of people the world over.

Monica Colvin

Gekko Akitas