Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kat on her Throne

I've lost my chair!!! Yup Kat has claimed my chair as her own, she's very polite and waits until I get up or leave for work before taking over her throne!

This photo was actually taken at the end of a very trying day for us all. There was a death in our family and as is custom many people returned to our home after the arrangements. Kat spent the afternoon tucked nicely under the kitchen table with Monty, Dennis's dog, watching the whole affair. I wish I could have joined her.

Her sweet and gentle nature was a comfort and she visited a few people with no fear just sweet sweet concern. She is a true member of this family!

I was very proud of her behaviour. We had people there that had never actually met an Akita, but were a little fussed by their sheer size. Oso and Kat were absolutely perfect, and showed, yet again, that Akitas are a true treasure.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Birthday Girl

Well Kat has officially turned 1 year old and as you can see she is quite full of herself. All the fear issues have gone. She is proud confident, sweet and the queen of all that she beholds. We are very humbled by the fact that she allows us in her presence! She is still quite a nut bag and believes that snow as invented just for her!
Kat has passed puppy obedience, basic obedience and is scheduled for intermediate obedience and a tricks class. Yes I know tricks! Lets see if she will stoop to doing tricks, I think she might be a little too, shall we say - umm - snooty!
Our little charmer has won the hearts of everyone she meets!
Happy Birthday Katsie!