Sunday, February 21, 2010

Row Update

As promised I have spoken to people at the shelter where Row is being held.

They say that he is nervous, but that is common among dogs that are in quarantine - Row sees only the feeder and kennel cleaner during the day - the public is kept away from that part of the shelter. They have 7 dogs there right now. I am told that he is given treats but has no interest in toys.

The person I spoke to works 6 days a week and said that to her knowledge, Mr Scott has not been to visit the dog. Neither has she heard of any incident that the dog has shown aggression towards any handlers. That is not to say that Row is not a dangerous dog, I am just reporting the facts.

I have a little more info about his kennel run. The run seen in the picture is called the front run, he has an additional run behind the door in the back which is larger and he is allowed to move between the two. However, neither run goes outside. Row has not seen the sun since the day he was brought to the shelter. I am also told that he is moved from one run to the other for kennel cleaning - I will find out exactly how that is accomplished once I have spoken to his kennel cleaner. I asked if the kennel was just hosed and was told they only do that of the dog shows aggression to handlers - so far Row has not.

He has a Kuranda bed which is up off the floor and a quilt to sleep on. He is eating and drinking okay, has not lost weight that anyone has noticed.

I am a little dubious about what I was told given the history of this shelter, I don't know, I can't go there to see for myself. The person I spoke with sounded very sincere and was careful to state that she could not discuss the "case" but she seemed okay discussing the dog. If nothing else the spotlight we are putting on Brevard County and the shelter, because of Row, may improve the standard of care that other animals receive now and in the future. At least that will be one good thing to come out of this...Did I really just say that, gad, there is nothing good coming from this nothing good at all...There is no silver lining.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free-Row.Com Gone!

Okay, here's what happens now when you go to So, Mr Scott has been put out of "business", ya yippee skippee - WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOG!?!?!?!?

Suspended Due to Non-Payment
This website has been suspended due to lack of payment for the website, hosting, internet marketing, and promotional materials for the Free Row Scott campaign from the owner of this site, Mr Billy Jo Scott.

He can be contacted at one of the following numbers: 321-268-2413 OR 321-759-8899

The site will be restored upon payment.
For questions or concerns email

Okay, I get that this guy is shady, but what happened to the dog? What IS happening to Row? Dangerous he may be but is he still sitting waiting in that kennel?

There's no happy ending here, not for Row and certainly not for the Akita breed...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yup I've been duped along with a lot of other well meaning Akita lovers.

Row Scott, I am shaking my head for a number of reasons.

Reason one, we were all duped into believing that this was just a misunderstood dog who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is not so.

Reason two, people lying for financial gain and to cover their collective a$$es.

Last reason, breeders who irresponsibly breed dogs with questionable temperaments. Not by accident, but with full knowledge that full and part siblings from other litters are dangerously aggressive.

There will be a story in the next issue of The Dog Press that will make all this clear. I did not write the article, but I know that it is based on fact, I have confirmed much of what is written as fact and trust this writer to be telling NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Long and short is that Row has been misused and abused into being the dog that he is. He was breed by someone who knew the potential for Row to be an aggressive dangerous dog and set into motion this terrible tableau. Row is now, sadly, everything that Akita breeders are trying to stop. His story, his owners, past and present, have done much to further damage not only the image of this great and regal breed. They have damaged the breed itself by putting dogs out there that should not have been breed at all, by selling them to people who would take advantage of these bad genes and create more of the same. Shame.

I know my breed, I know what they are and what they can be. I know that Akitas are NOT for everyone. They are not big teddy bears, they are strong powerful animals with a will of their own. You either come to terms with that and be responsible; train them, be their leader, allow no abhorrent behaviour - or you buy a lab.

My heart aches for Row, I have shed a few tears for him because truly he cannot help what he is. He did not choose the temperaments of his parents, he did not choose the irresponsible breeder who disregarded history to make a buck. I care what happens to Row, I really do. But now, I am looking at it from a different perspective. I am looking at Row in terms of the damage he can do to the breed.

Read the article - it is passionate, written by a fellow breeder who is outraged and distraught by this entire incident. And, it is true.