Monday, February 8, 2010

Free-Row.Com Gone!

Okay, here's what happens now when you go to So, Mr Scott has been put out of "business", ya yippee skippee - WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOG!?!?!?!?

Suspended Due to Non-Payment
This website has been suspended due to lack of payment for the website, hosting, internet marketing, and promotional materials for the Free Row Scott campaign from the owner of this site, Mr Billy Jo Scott.

He can be contacted at one of the following numbers: 321-268-2413 OR 321-759-8899

The site will be restored upon payment.
For questions or concerns email

Okay, I get that this guy is shady, but what happened to the dog? What IS happening to Row? Dangerous he may be but is he still sitting waiting in that kennel?

There's no happy ending here, not for Row and certainly not for the Akita breed...


Dannielle Romeo said...

Row is still at BASE. Mr Scott has not been in to see him and has had no contact with the dog. He's demanded a jury trial.

Searches of recent court filings find new cases filed against Mr Scott, the latest for foreclosure. The future of any of his animals is questionable.

Di's Kitchen said...

Yes, we know, no trial date has been set yet - I'm following it on the public website.

Row may not be the idal dog to be in public but he does not deserve this either. Just kills me.