Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murderer Handler Mary Wild Update

Well Jersey fails to get her day in court again, a lot of nothing has gone on with Mary Wild's case. Long and short she has had 2 continuances and is now scheduled for a criminal setting for November 24 - ya that's right, 2 days before Thanksgiving. IF it goes to trial that day do you think the jury is gonna spend a lot of time thinking about the case? My guess - and so far I have been right - is that they will try to continue at least once more until after the Holidays.

Wild has a very slick attorney, he is pushing the limit of the law to the best advantage for Wild and the worst for the dog community. Shame shame shame. I take some little solice in the knowledge that he is charging her HUGE fees that will, if the murder of the dogs has not already, leave a very deep and lasting impression on her.

The Dog Press is following the case as well. They have faith in Forrest Wegge, Jefferson County’s Prosecuting Attorney. I would like to believe that he will keep his resolve to see justice done.

Currently Jersey still stands as the number 8 Akita in the country - a tribute to what a wonderful example of the breed she really was.

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