Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jersey's Day in Court

Well, it has begun, Mary Wild will answer for the crimes she has committed.

The reporter in this story said that there will be no jury - the Missouri State Court website still says it is a jury trial, so maybe there was a change at the pretrial hearing. This may or may not be good with a jury there will be emotion involved, but there are people out there that will say "so, they're just dogs". With just a judge, he will interpret the law, and there will be no emotion, just the law.

Here is the channel 4 view before the trial started this morning:

Trial for Jefferson County woman charged in deaths of 7 dogs underway

I hope you are all watching.


Anonymous said...

She's been found guilty on all 8 counts. Sentencing will happen on July 21, 2010.

Di's Kitchen said...

Thank you God!!!