Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Two - A Very Good Day

Well, we made it to day two. You'll notice there are no photos of Oso - he seems to be firmly wearing his crabby pants and won't smile for the camera.
Day one was a wild ride and I thought that we might have made a mistake. I worried all night what to do - the poor girl was so scared and wouldn't leave her crate.
Well today dawned beautiful and my worries have all but disappeared. Kat came right to out meet us this morning all spritely and ready for her walk.
The walk was such a blast for her she was hopping in the tall grass and lovin' life! One little mishap though, um there's a creek on the the other side of the tall grass. Kat hopped right over the grass and plop right into the shallow water. Darned near dragged me in by the leash too! Do you think she was scared - nope - big splashes abounded and everyone got nice and wet when she hopped back out.
Kat has come into the house of her own accord, very curious and settled right beside M's chair for a nice snooze. She likes the house - loves the cat - um feeling is no longer mutual, miss Penny is quite put out by all this.
Oso is coming around no more grumbling, but he's still hoping that if he ignores her long enough she will go away.
Day 2 was a good day!
"I think I'll sleep here from now on..."

I think like this place!

"Can I come in?"
Kat's first venture into the house all by herself.

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