Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild Waives Formal Arraignment

In searching public records for Jefferson County Court I have found that Mary Wild has waived formal arraignment, she is scheduled in a "criminal setting" for September 15 at 9AM. Keep the pressure on for no plea bargain. Below is the public record; out of self preservation, I have blocked her case number. Again, if you are concerned about this you can search public records and find it yourself.

Here are a few related videos I have come across. The first was early on before much of the real truth was known, but you tell did she open those van windows? They DON'T OPEN!!!


Barb Cole talks about the Arnold show dogs heat death

I know I am obsessing about this, I just can't help it. I AM OUTRAGED! That this happened makes me cry, it steals the breath from my lungs. I look at my own dogs and think "what if it was one of them?".

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