Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sprinfield April 2011

This was a cluster of shows in Springfield on Easter Weekend. Jazz looked great but this will likely be his last shows for a while and maybe forever. See, Jazz does not like the ring, he hates as a matter of fact.

Some of my breeder friends think that he should just do it because I want him to, but, he's an Akita, he doesn't do things JUST BECAUSE I want him to. He's not Kat, who will do anything because I ask it of her.

So, I have made the decision that he doesn't need to be a show dog...he just needs to be a dog, my dog. I don't love him any less for not wanting to show, why would I?

It's a pretty big bummer that I have spent soooo much time and money to make him into a show dog and me into a handler. It was not all for nothing...He has 7 points, only needs 8 more to finish. But, it does not seem that it is meant to be. That said I was proud of how he showed, he looked great and moved beautifully, stayed right with me.

Anyway, here he is at the Easter Shows:

This was Friday, day one. Day one is always tough, he was a little grumpy but did what was asked. That is my friend Linda with Teagan, he won Winner's Dog. Teagan is a beautiful puppy and will make his championship very quickly.

Jazz on Saturday - much perkier and did a very nice job. I am finally getting the hang of this handling thing...He was beaten for Winner's Dog by Marine who is a very nice BIG young dog.

Love this shot - I am finally smiling...and Jazz looks so good here!

Jazz, Nancy and Kodi, Ed and Marine in the Winner's Class -

Winner's Class from a different angle - Marine took winner's dog. Kodi took reserve.

Jazz relaxing before class on Easter - I had already decided he was done showing by now, so we were just there to fill the major and have fun...

This is Sunday - Open Dog Class, Jazz won. Figures.

Winner's Class,. Jazz, Nancy and Kodi, Ed and Marine, Linda and Teagan. Teagan won Winner's Dog that day for his first major.

So for now he will just be a dog, I'll take him to classes and try some Rally runs with him. He likes to be doing something, perhaps Rally is his was for Kat.

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