Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Learning From The Master

So, like with any dog the perfect chew toy is all important and Kat is no different. She has been like a little sister to Oso lately, following him around copying everything he does - it's a riot! Well, in keeping with the big brother thing she has taken to enjoying the same fabulous, super duper, very special chew toy as Oso - are you ready - empty fruit-2-O bottles. Yup, that is really his all time favorite, has been since we moved back to the US.

It's a little game - pulling off the top, then the ring then the label, then chewing the thing beyond recognition. And the NOISE - now we have it in stereo! Well, our girl is learning from the master!

"I can get this lid, I can, I can, I can..."

"How did he do that so fast?!?!?"

"What the..?"

"That's it, he has lost his mind!"

"Okay this is embarrassing - I"ll pretend I don't notice."

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