Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Appetite Stimulant

So, I've been pretty worried about Jazz and his lack of appetite for quite some time now. He just didn't seem to like anything, canned food,raw food, people food, you name it we tried it. I've even gone so far as to buy a suppliment to get him to eat and put weight on - ya that worked real well. He snorted and flipped his dish over - that was the end of that!

I mean his health has been okay, he was just so SKINNY. I just would like him to be - well - poofier.

Well, the problem seems to have been solved with a little help from a family member...Take a look at this...

Yup, that's Miss Penny sharing dinner with the "Big Scary Akita".

One day when Jazz wouldn't eat his food I decided to give penny a piece and just took out and placed it next to his dish for her to eat...the rest is history। Now, when it's dinner time we call Jazz AND Penny and he just eats his food no problem - of course she gets a few pieces as payment!

It's really a strange dynamic, but it works. I wouldn't recommend this solution to people though...I mean normally cats and Akitas, big no-no. Not in this case for sure. Penny and Jazz seem to be pals.

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Lauren said...

That is just too freaking cute!