Monday, November 10, 2008

And the winner is...

Souhegan Kennel CLub
November 9, 2008
First Place 9-12 Dog
Winners Dog
Best of Winners
A special thanks to replacement Judge Brad Dunn
Okay, I can't figure this out - everyone say don't expect to win, but he does! This was our second AKC show and his first pointed show. I'm pretty proud of the little guy!
Jazz was very happy to see his buddy JoAnne and her son who came to offer support (and help me hold things since I was a reck!). Our Trainer Darlynn from The Right Paw was there too - we couldn't do this without her!! Head up! Head up!!!
Well, We have another show just around the corner - November 23 & 24 - wish us luck! Jazz will be fine, he takes it all in stride - I may faint!

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