Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice Storm

This has been the absolute worst week I can remember in - well - FOREVER!!!! That is for us humans, Jazz and Kat have had a pretty good time. We had the worst ice storm the state has seen in like a bazillion years and of course we lost power. The dogs thought this was just a big adventure, camping out in a COLD house in the living room infront of the fireplace. 8 Days folks count um - 8 freakin' days.

Problem was that the storm took out not only our power but lots of our trees and with them many sections of the fence. So every trip outside required and escort until M's sons D & D came and saved the day repairing the fence and helping to pick up fire wood.

Jazzy and Kat didn't seem to mind too much although they are acting a little strange - Kat's not a big fan of change and let me tell there were lots of changes while we tried to stave off the cold. It was a depressing and uncomfortable week to say the least and I think that it has taken a toll on all of us.

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Annika said...

It's beautiful! But I do understand that it has been cold. Brr!