Monday, December 24, 2012

Gretel Survives Surgery!!!

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC _ these are real photos of what negligence can do - the owner of the dogs WANTS THEM BACK _ He has been slowly choking these dogs to death and he thinks he should have them back to do it all over again? Sorry I don't think that is a good idea.

This is Gretel after her life saving surgery - she did not have long with a raging infection and an open wound...Thank you to McComb County Animal Control, McComb Animal Hospital - and Dorie Sparkman of Akita Rescue Society of Florida.

This from Dorie:

 "My heros this Christmas are the staff and volunteers at McComb Animal Control, Nan, a local resident, and the vets and staff at McComb Animal Hospital in McComb Mississippi. Hansel and Gretel owe their lives to these people. Gretel is safe and warm tonight....not dead in a ditch because some idiot put a collar on her and let it get so tight that its dam near cut her throat. Akita Angels Michelle, Monique, Theresa and Nan did not forget her."

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