Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Buddies!

This is Kat at one of her many visits to the Princeton Public Library - She is participating in their "Book Buddies" Program where kids get to spend a half hour reading to a dog.

Kat has been such a big hit there that not only the kids love her but most adults can't resist the chance to pat such beautiful gentle dog...And of course just about everyone asks the same question - "how much does she weigh?"

Kat has been such a good girl with this new experience - I am so proud of her!

We never get out on time because so many people want to stop and pat her!

This is Gabriel, one of Kat's may buddies - she has a waiting list of kids that want to spend time with her.

There's a butterfly in that little cloth cage - Kat was fascinated with it.

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