Friday, September 5, 2008


Okay it has been WAY too long since I posted about my little friends! Not so little any more eh? Jazz has caught up to Miss Kat in size at only 7.5 months! Me thinks he is going to be a GIANT!!! His personality certainly is!

I swore that I would never compare him or Kat to Niki and Oso but I find myself seeing little bits of them in both the babies. Kat has Niki's elegance although I think she is far more graceful and perhaps not so confident. She has such gentle grace and moves like an angel fairly floating everywhere she goes...

Jazz, well, he is Oso all over. He moves like a lion all confident and proud, he is truly awesome to see. He does have an independant streak that Oso did not have but I think perhaps he knows how special he is!

They are very taken with each other; beating the snot out of each one minute and gently cleaning each other ears the next. What a pair!

We are all back in "school"; Jazz for basic obedience and Kat has moved up to advanced with a new trainer. She is of course the class darling while Jazz is the class bad boy!

Bad Boy goes to his second show Sept 26, he should do well as he has come together beautifully in the past few weeks. The obedience has helped he and I to understand how to work together as a team, unlike the first time when I was a wreck and he was unsure of what I wanted from him. Wish us luck!

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